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Hi my name is Verena Geis and I am the proud owner of, a legally licensed drone and photography service for anyone with stunning work and a story to share. Based at the pearl of the Costa Blanca, in Javea, I have been working with many clients from real estates, constructors to beautiful families all with the same goal to capture their precious moments.


I can help you make the design decisions so don’t have to; thoughtful typography, ample white space and just the right amount of color. My style is purposeful minimalism and monochrome simplicity to get everyone excited about your business. If you are looking for high quality photography for personal or business purposes, you’ve come to the right place.



Hello, I am Verena, born and raised in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. Starting as a young 5 year old I drove everyone crazy, using every camera I could get my tiny hands on… from old cameras of my parents to Polaroids… using millions of celluloid films… somehow knowing that what ever has been captured on film is captured forever and will be documented long after the physical moment.


Still wanting to have a solid career behind me I studied economics and went on to work in different companies until I became proud mum of two beautiful girls. With becoming a mum my urge to freeze in time every little detail of their developing lives, I followed my natural passion and aligned my developing camera skills into a professional career. 


Recently I’ve successfully secured a professional certification as a drone pilot and operator. Someone once told me, that everyday is a school day … For me everyday I’m the happiest child going to school with my camera in my hand, knowing that every pictures I take tells a story that can never be erased.

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